Pro-life rights in North Dakota

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We should not forget that the history of this country and our state are rooted in the central teachings of Christianity. To protect those rights we must look to God for guidance.

On January 1, 2018, North Dakota became the first state in the United States to impose a personhood law that would protect “the fundamental right to life…for every human being.” This meant that every child born in North Dakota would be automatically recognized as a “person” and have the protections of basic civil rights.

Pro-life is a term that is used in different contexts. Some may think of it as an organization doing good work while others may only see it as the right way to go about things. Our topic here is on the latter one.

We need to start promoting awareness about the importance of abortion as soon as possible. The upcoming abortion law (S-301) will allow for abortions in all of the cases where there is a risk to the fetus. The term “risk” is used loosely here, which will lead to many different outcomes.

We should not find it surprising that some pro-life advocates are against this law and feel that it restricts their rights. Pro-life advocates believe that they have a right to life and they shouldn’t be forced into having abortions by their employers or coworkers. Some people might not understand what we mean when we say “a right to life”. So let’s try our best here – action speaks louder than words, so we should act!

The North Dakota legislature passed a bill in 2015 that is aimed at regulating abortion. It mandates a woman to undergo an ultrasound and get consent from her husband before having an abortion.

Such legislation was met with strong opposition by the pro-life movement and the Supreme Court of North Dakota ruled that it was unconstitutional, leading it to be reinterpreted by the state government in 2016. A few weeks later, on June 15th, 2016, the Supreme Court of North Dakota ruled against all state laws which prohibit abortions because of their potential to cause harm to women’s health.

In North Dakota, nearly 100 years ago, the battle of the pro-life and pro-choice sides led to a compromise that set a precedent for protecting human life. To this day, North Dakota remains one of only three states in the country to allow abortions. In recent years, however, both sides have clashed over how difficult it should be to obtain an abortion in North Dakota. One side believes that women should have access to abortions without question; the other is more protective of life.

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The topic of this article is about pro-life rights for women in the states of North Dakota and Montana. Women are more likely to be denied the right to an abortion in these two states when compared with other states. I will discuss a number of reasons why women are denied the right to an abortion, some good reasons and some bad reasons why they are denied.

The rights of the unborn are a hot topic in the United States. In this episode, we’ll explore what happens in North Dakota when it comes to abortion rights.

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