How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper? – Top Ways And Guide

Do you know what a thesis/dissertation is? Are you aware of the guidelines that are important to follow while writing a thesis? No? Then here we have come up with the rules and regulation that will solve your problem about how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. Prior to moving to the guidelines lets first understand what a thesis is and how it is used.

A thesis is a type of academic paper in support of a candidate to get a professional degree. It helps to build the report of a particular research paper that you have already made. Let’s begin with experts’ ways and gears to write a thesis: –

Front matter

First of all, a candidate needs to cover all the front thing in order to make a thesis attractive. Front matter includes:

  • Title page

The title should be creative, meaningful, and engaging enough to show the entire research report. The title page also includes author information, thesis supervisor, place, and date of writing.

  • Abstract

The abstract contains questions, research problems, or methodology used to define the statements. One needs to make an abstract between 100-150 words or 5-6 sentences.

  • Table of contents

Include all the page numbers, title numbers, headings and subheadings, bibliography number, and references list.


After completing the front matter, one should concentrate on the main body of the thesis. The main body contains different elements in order to explain the complete result and findings. For example: –

  • Introduction

It is considered a compassionate part of each thesis statement. In this part, a candidate needs to mention all the beginning meaningful and creative statements related to the topic. Generally, more of researchers take much time to write this part attractive. So, it is recommended to free up the space of introduction and write it at last. It permits all the students to save time and concentrate on other writing findings.

  • Discussions and material

In this part, one needs to fill all the results have been made during the research. By reading this part, all the experts can understand the complete study and can provide you a professional degree. It is suggested to explore more ideas to make this part energetic or creative.


At last, every candidate needs to end up with a perfect conclusion, which shows the result of the thesis. Try to make this part short and simple for achieving every goal quickly.

So, we can easily conclude that following proper outline helps a user to learn how to write a thesis statement for a research paper.